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It hit me last night, I was playing with my little boy and he was giggling away and in that moment I knew all was perfect in my world.  I thought to myself .. this is how it feels when I know that I am going to receive the best things in life, this is when I know beyond a shadow of doubt that life is perfect just as it is.  I am infinitely grateful for all the times when I hear him laugh.  That laugh symbolizes hope, love, giving, receiving, gratitude, healing, and peace.  And probably for everyone else the laugh of a child symbolizes something significant also.  Maybe you can pause today and think of when you last heard a child laugh and bring that feeling into yourself and try to pass it along to someone else.

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Moksha is the Hindi word for true freedom – freedom of the Self and Mind – it is the ultimate sense of freedom that we most desire in this world.  If you ever sit down and look at your list of goals and deeply figure out what the feeling is that is the basis of most of your goals you will continually go back to Moksha — freedom to do what feels good to you at the deepest level.  I mean how many of us have as a goal — either lots of money or retiring from a job so that we can do what we want — and really all that boils down to is feeling free.

Weekends are special for me.  I spend almost all of my time doing things that inspire me – sometimes work is inspiring but generally since I am answering to someone other than myself repetition means less “inspiration.”  Wayne Dyer says something to the effect that inspiration means being “in-spirit” meaning that when you feel inspired you are “in the zone” or in alignment with your purpose; you are doing what you are meant to do.  I like the idea that I have come to a place in my life where I feel so much freedom.  I do have a really great job during the week, it’s very flexible, it’s only steps from my house, it’s generally fun, I’m very capable at my job, and I have good friends that I work with.  Actually, I think it’s a pretty magical life that I live.  I take my son with me to work every day and although I am working – if he needs me, like when he falls and bumps his head or when he needs love before or after a nap, then I am there for him.  Yet, weekends are extra-special.  My time is devoted to my own inspiring activities and friends, I can spend more of my energy creating and allowing my dreams to progress.  The freedom that weekends bring is more expansive.  I can carry that feeling of freedom with me for a while into the regular week and I feel it more regularly all the time which is thrilling … hopefully I realize it more and more all the time.

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