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I have had a great week so far, I have spent time practicing each day and I feel awesome!  Having been a teacher I know that 5 or 10 minutes each and every day is worth more than 30 minutes once in a while.  Taking time to sit quietly in meditation after morning asana practice reminds me of my own inner light and how it connects to that light within everyone and everything.

I watched several short videos online yesterday and in one of the TD Jakes said, “wherever there is appreciation there will be duplication.”  He was saying that the more we show and say appreciative things, being grateful for what we have the more good things will happen for us.  This works in every facet of my life.  5 or 10 minutes spent today makes me crave 5 or 10 minutes tomorrow and the more I appreciate that 5 or 10 minutes and the way it makes me feel the more opportunities I will create in my life to give myself that time.  Gratitude and appreciation go hand in hand with the Law of At(tr)action because of the choice we make based on how we feel.  It’s about the feeling, feeling good – feeling happy, brings us to that space where we want more for ourselves and allows us to reach for more.  Find something that makes you feel really happy – remember that feeling and carry it with you as often as you can.  One of the videos I watched yesterday was Tony Robbins check it out here.  Enjoy!


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I am sitting here in a quiet house enjoying a beautiful night and thinking about my friends and family.  And as I sit here, I look around at my house being thankful for so much.  I realize that when I slip out of the thought of being thankful and grateful life no longer flows as smoothly as when I remember to be grateful for everything that comes my way.  As I strive to be more open and to communicate and include more people in my life I have to remember to be grateful for all that I am adding to my life.  Sometimes, I am just grateful for someone’s creativity for the fact that they are giving me their best.  I remember reading one time that couples in a relationship often love each other yet they tend to fight because they don’t understand how the other one loves them — communication is important for every relationship.  As I learn to communicate more effectively I can see stronger bonds form between me and others because I am able to give them what they need and often in the way that they need it or at least they understand the “how” or the way in which I love them.

I watch my son as he learns how to show love in new ways and I smile.  He is a master of hugging already and is learning to kiss now which is always really cute.  Sometimes he grabs people a little abruptly and I just remind them that, that is how he is showing them love – that is all he knows – love is all he knows at this point and that is amazing.

Be in the flow of life – live in-spir(it)ed!  Love somebody today and be grateful for the way they love you.

Today I am grateful for this life that I have created, for my friends, my family, for buying myself a stroller so that I can exercise with my son, for being disciplined and practicing daily, for learning and for this great journey.

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I started writing a post a week or two ago and it has been sitting in the box for a while.  It was title “I really want to work on me… what about you?”  I started reading it again today – I figured it was time to move it out of the queue and then as I read it I realized I was using my writing as more of a bully pulpit than anything.  And I first shook my head at myself and then laughed at myself.  I know and maybe you have heard me say anytime you say “they” or “them” or even make reference to those types of pronouns – stop and take a good look at yourself or listen to yourself really closely it is most likely you are talking about yourself somehow or in some way.  I think I realized that my post was an attempt to put them down and make me feel better about myself.  And all the while trying to say that I am doing the real work and the “they” I was referring to were not.  Wow!  I amaze myself sometimes.  It can be so easy to pretend I am doing something when in reality it is only a facade.  I am well aware that things in my life, especially my thoughts, are not about “them” it is really how I feel about me.  The real work is right here – right now as I come face to face with myself, my thoughts, my reality, how I think and then how I try to understand the cause of the insecurity I feel in a particular area of my own life.  And then learning from that and growing from that learning so that as I understand myself better I can grow and be better.  And that’s what it is all about — just being a little better today than I was yesterday.  Finding more compassion for myself, for others.  Making allowance for more gentleness, more love, More….

Yes, I am grateful for this learning, I am grateful for being able to hear myself and for listening to myself when I write something and I know it’s unfinished and knowing there is something deeper that I need to find.

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Wow — this is a pretty difficult one for me.

Learning grace seems so far beyond where I am that I can barely imagine living with grace and yet I CAN imagine it.  And if I can imagine it then I can do it.

I haven’t looked up what the definition of grace is – I guess Wikipedia is just a click away.  I think for me grace me ease and gentleness — ahh — writing it makes it so clear.  Gentleness, this is something I was working on for a while and then somewhere along the way I forgot I was trying to integrate it into my life all the time.  I guess I did integrate some of it and yet there are always more layers to this onion than I realize.  So now I will move forward again working on peeling back the next layer as I try to uncover the grace that is within me.

Within my goals for this year, I have intended more gentleness for myself and yet I have slipped some in actually achieving all that I want.  And so, it is time to get back on track and make sure that I am taking care of me while I am working towards other more tangible goals at the same time.

I have waited a day before posting this thinking I would add more and that’s not happening right now so I will post this and just put it out there.  And maybe  I will add more to this thought chain later.

I am so grateful for all that is here in this universe, for all that I am creating and for the people I have brought into my life.  Thank you!

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Quiet days

Our power went out this morning and the phone too.  We live someplace without cell phone access and so it was just us and the waves this morning.   My little man sat on the floor with a big smile on his face before we went out to call the companies and then just hang out for a bit.

I had a great juice made of beet, apple, celery, cilantro, kale, spinach, carrots and a lime — yummm.. I love fresh juices.  As time goes on I drink more and more of these regularly.  I find it’s good to have these amazing cleansing days.

Days without power and phone, internet or television – the quiet days.  If I had my way I would probably have more of them.  They are a great opportunity to think about life and our opportunities.  Great reason to connect with people on a different level.  I find no power makes me leave my house and incidentally or purposely interact with other people.  I can often become caught up in my own little world – it seems very easy to do with a young baby in the house.

A day without power means I can do some cleaning without distraction – sure I can’t vacuum but I can still get most of the cleaning done.  Time cleaning is great time thinking about my self.  It’s great time to work things out.  Quiet days are also great for going outside and working in the garden another excellent time to think about me and to work things out.  And then there is the need to have power to clean up to cook a few things — and that makes me look outside of myself and makes me interact with others.

Every day is like this power or not — but when the power is out I take more time to think about things.

Grateful today for no power, no phone, and great friends.

Make the most of everything – every day – the best you can!

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Deutsch: Mutter Teresa (26.8.1919-5.9.1997); 1...

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (26.8.1919-5.9.1997);in 1986 in Bonn, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”  ―    Mother Teresa

I know when i was younger I was very idealistic – I guess I still am in many ways.  I have seen the impact one person can have on many, I have seen one persons ideas spread like a viral video on YouTube.  And I have seen and experienced the impact I can have just by doing one small thing each day with love.  Use love to your advantage, spread love, Be Love.

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Monks working on Sand Mandala at Nashua High S...

Monks working on Sand Mandala at Nashua High School north. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is a beautiful day, the wind is blowing, the lake is roaring and the temperature has dropped.  Nature reminds us of how quickly things can change.  Like a light switch, anything can change in a moment.

I once was able to watch Buddhist monks create a sand Mandala, I sat and watched as they carefully and meticulously set one grain of sand by another.  They created a strikingly beautiful mandala over a period of one week.  On the final day, they had a little party, singing and playing instruments, they talked about the mandala, it’s meaning and significance, and the impermanence of things.  To cap it all off they swept the mandala into a container and took it to the nearby river and dumped the sand into the river emphasizing that we need to be aware of how temporary everything is.  We can work ceaselessly on different projects in our life, even on ourself, and in the next moment things may change.  We have to learn to flow with the changes, to allow for new things in our life and to enjoy that which we have now.

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