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I have had a great week so far, I have spent time practicing each day and I feel awesome!  Having been a teacher I know that 5 or 10 minutes each and every day is worth more than 30 minutes once in a while.  Taking time to sit quietly in meditation after morning asana practice reminds me of my own inner light and how it connects to that light within everyone and everything.

I watched several short videos online yesterday and in one of the TD Jakes said, “wherever there is appreciation there will be duplication.”  He was saying that the more we show and say appreciative things, being grateful for what we have the more good things will happen for us.  This works in every facet of my life.  5 or 10 minutes spent today makes me crave 5 or 10 minutes tomorrow and the more I appreciate that 5 or 10 minutes and the way it makes me feel the more opportunities I will create in my life to give myself that time.  Gratitude and appreciation go hand in hand with the Law of At(tr)action because of the choice we make based on how we feel.  It’s about the feeling, feeling good – feeling happy, brings us to that space where we want more for ourselves and allows us to reach for more.  Find something that makes you feel really happy – remember that feeling and carry it with you as often as you can.  One of the videos I watched yesterday was Tony Robbins check it out here.  Enjoy!


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You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being — not because anybody says so, not because you’re successful, not because you make a lot of money — but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason.” — Wayne Dyer


Today I am grateful for great friends, time to myself, finding peace within myself in almost every situation, learning to enjoy creating, and learning to create efficiently.


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Over and over I hear the words in my mind … help as many people as you can.  If you read this blog you know I have touched on this point several times and I guess it is a part of one of my main goals that I have going forward.

A couple of years ago I had a health analysis through the School of Metaphysics and it noted that it was important for me to meet and talk with five new people every day – I tended to shy away from that part of the health analysis although I did pay attention to the explanation of why that was necessary and I attempted to deal with the why as opposed to doing the practice.  LOL — I am reading this to myself as I type and laughing at myself for my blatant self-guided misdirection and now here I come back almost full circle.  Since that time when I had the health analysis I have met many people and enjoyed learning from them and I think I am very open to meeting more and more people now AND now I have this big push to help more and more people all the time.  And now I think I understand more than ever the importance, and this need within me, to help as many people as I can.  I realize now how helping people is uplifting to me, in so many ways,  I learn something about myself every time I meet someone, as long as I pay attention.  As I strive to look within myself and learn more and let more love flow, more freely I continue to feel the need to touch more and more people.  And I think at this point it has evolved a bit beyond my ego and I really feel like all I want to do is to see where I can help.

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It hit me last night, I was playing with my little boy and he was giggling away and in that moment I knew all was perfect in my world.  I thought to myself .. this is how it feels when I know that I am going to receive the best things in life, this is when I know beyond a shadow of doubt that life is perfect just as it is.  I am infinitely grateful for all the times when I hear him laugh.  That laugh symbolizes hope, love, giving, receiving, gratitude, healing, and peace.  And probably for everyone else the laugh of a child symbolizes something significant also.  Maybe you can pause today and think of when you last heard a child laugh and bring that feeling into yourself and try to pass it along to someone else.

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I read the book called Attitude is Everything quite a few years ago, it was the main catalyst for the beginnings of real, serious change in my life.  It’s amazing how often I refer to this book when I am talking to people often because I see so much of myself in what they are going through.

I spent a lot of time in my “younger” years being angry and irresponsible – I never seemed to be able to get ahead and I couldn’t understand why.  I looked at myself egoically and always blamed everyone else for whatever happened to me, in fact I can’t recall ever saying, “it was my fault.”  Now finally, I know that I create my reality, everything in it, every situation, every feeling has been cultivated by me somehow.  I was led to read this book through a network marketing program, one which I didn’t continue in but did provide me with this book that altered my understanding of my world.    My attitude of blame, which was an attempt to hide my anger, low sense of self-esteem and pretty much self hatred led me to failures in my life in everything from jobs to relationships.  I lacked self respect, trust and love and therefore was unable to give them – those came along a bit later but realizing that it was my negative attitude towards everyone and everything in life led me to begin making the changes that have allowed me to create an almost magical life now.

My attitude was a picture of what was going on in my world at the time.  I was a genius failing classes in school – working in dead end jobs from which I was fired or just got bored of and left.  I was attracting into my life people and experiences that added plenty of negative drama to my life and I just said it was their fault.  I would walk around complaining at what “they” were doing to me – how “they” were dis-respecting me – how “they” were causing trouble and issues for me and at the time I really thought I was so much better than all these people whom I had attracted into my life!  Well one of the things I realized after reading this book was how I was attracting these issues, these people into my life and the reason I was doing it was because I was thinking negatively about my situation, about my self.  I know a lot of people might read this and say — no I don’t think so negatively about my self and about my life but yet these negative people are here in my life, this drama is in my life.  I may not be the best person to explain it to you but somehow, some-way you have created this in your life.  Thoughts become things – negative or positive.

Watch your language, you are what you speak of most of the time, negative or positive.  Begin listening to yourself, the words you use and just listen for a while try not to judge too harshly but try to start making a few small changes.  Sometimes the biggest and actually I think easiest one is to just stop talking the moment you are about to blame someone else for something.  I learned from an amazing friend of mine as I listened to him take the blame for something I had done – he said it was his fault – I was confused.  I realized later he took the blame because as he said he had given me the job to do – he felt he should have realized I just didn’t have the experience to know how to do the job and here all along I thought I knew what I was doing!

Change your attitude and you change your life. Stop complaining and start counting your blessings. Associate with positive people, change your attitude and you will attract them.  What you do in life isn’t important, you could be a street sweeper, it’s your attitude and how you deal with other people that determines whether or not you enjoy this life.  Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it, positive or negative.

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Moksha is the Hindi word for true freedom – freedom of the Self and Mind – it is the ultimate sense of freedom that we most desire in this world.  If you ever sit down and look at your list of goals and deeply figure out what the feeling is that is the basis of most of your goals you will continually go back to Moksha — freedom to do what feels good to you at the deepest level.  I mean how many of us have as a goal — either lots of money or retiring from a job so that we can do what we want — and really all that boils down to is feeling free.

Weekends are special for me.  I spend almost all of my time doing things that inspire me – sometimes work is inspiring but generally since I am answering to someone other than myself repetition means less “inspiration.”  Wayne Dyer says something to the effect that inspiration means being “in-spirit” meaning that when you feel inspired you are “in the zone” or in alignment with your purpose; you are doing what you are meant to do.  I like the idea that I have come to a place in my life where I feel so much freedom.  I do have a really great job during the week, it’s very flexible, it’s only steps from my house, it’s generally fun, I’m very capable at my job, and I have good friends that I work with.  Actually, I think it’s a pretty magical life that I live.  I take my son with me to work every day and although I am working – if he needs me, like when he falls and bumps his head or when he needs love before or after a nap, then I am there for him.  Yet, weekends are extra-special.  My time is devoted to my own inspiring activities and friends, I can spend more of my energy creating and allowing my dreams to progress.  The freedom that weekends bring is more expansive.  I can carry that feeling of freedom with me for a while into the regular week and I feel it more regularly all the time which is thrilling … hopefully I realize it more and more all the time.

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I guess the short answer is yes and it’s also probably no at the same time.

Often we say things that either we just don’t really mean to say or that if we heard ourselves we wouldn’t want to say.  I learned a while ago to stop using the phrase, “I don’t know.”  I found that I had started using that phrase before I would even stop to think of whether I knew the answer to something, so I would say that I didn’t know and then just two seconds later I would say, “Well, maybe…”  Another word/phrase I unintentionally use a lot is, “What?”  and I use this again before I even stop to think about what was said.  I find that if I am not really listening to someone then I start to use that word because I am not actually paying attention.  And so now I have learned to listen to myself and when I hear the word “What” or before I am ready to say it I try to stop myself and consider what was said since I did hear it and I can recall it if I want to.

Well those are small examples of how we often don’t actually listen to the words we are using and how they do tell us something about ourselves.

If you have written down your goals and you are working towards them.  Listen to your words — do you hear yourself say the killer phrases; I can’t, I don’t know how, I don’t know, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to …. I am sure you are getting the idea.  Listen to your words – think about what the repetition of those phrases tells you about what you think of yourself and what you can do and then try to make some adjustments to how you say things.

What do your words say about what is true for you?  What do you really want to be true for you?

I can make a difference.

I can be a loving and caring person and be wealthy.

What is your Truth?

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