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I am sitting here in a quiet house enjoying a beautiful night and thinking about my friends and family.  And as I sit here, I look around at my house being thankful for so much.  I realize that when I slip out of the thought of being thankful and grateful life no longer flows as smoothly as when I remember to be grateful for everything that comes my way.  As I strive to be more open and to communicate and include more people in my life I have to remember to be grateful for all that I am adding to my life.  Sometimes, I am just grateful for someone’s creativity for the fact that they are giving me their best.  I remember reading one time that couples in a relationship often love each other yet they tend to fight because they don’t understand how the other one loves them — communication is important for every relationship.  As I learn to communicate more effectively I can see stronger bonds form between me and others because I am able to give them what they need and often in the way that they need it or at least they understand the “how” or the way in which I love them.

I watch my son as he learns how to show love in new ways and I smile.  He is a master of hugging already and is learning to kiss now which is always really cute.  Sometimes he grabs people a little abruptly and I just remind them that, that is how he is showing them love – that is all he knows – love is all he knows at this point and that is amazing.

Be in the flow of life – live in-spir(it)ed!  Love somebody today and be grateful for the way they love you.

Today I am grateful for this life that I have created, for my friends, my family, for buying myself a stroller so that I can exercise with my son, for being disciplined and practicing daily, for learning and for this great journey.


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I guess the short answer is yes and it’s also probably no at the same time.

Often we say things that either we just don’t really mean to say or that if we heard ourselves we wouldn’t want to say.  I learned a while ago to stop using the phrase, “I don’t know.”  I found that I had started using that phrase before I would even stop to think of whether I knew the answer to something, so I would say that I didn’t know and then just two seconds later I would say, “Well, maybe…”  Another word/phrase I unintentionally use a lot is, “What?”  and I use this again before I even stop to think about what was said.  I find that if I am not really listening to someone then I start to use that word because I am not actually paying attention.  And so now I have learned to listen to myself and when I hear the word “What” or before I am ready to say it I try to stop myself and consider what was said since I did hear it and I can recall it if I want to.

Well those are small examples of how we often don’t actually listen to the words we are using and how they do tell us something about ourselves.

If you have written down your goals and you are working towards them.  Listen to your words — do you hear yourself say the killer phrases; I can’t, I don’t know how, I don’t know, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to …. I am sure you are getting the idea.  Listen to your words – think about what the repetition of those phrases tells you about what you think of yourself and what you can do and then try to make some adjustments to how you say things.

What do your words say about what is true for you?  What do you really want to be true for you?

I can make a difference.

I can be a loving and caring person and be wealthy.

What is your Truth?

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