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I am sitting here in a quiet house enjoying a beautiful night and thinking about my friends and family.  And as I sit here, I look around at my house being thankful for so much.  I realize that when I slip out of the thought of being thankful and grateful life no longer flows as smoothly as when I remember to be grateful for everything that comes my way.  As I strive to be more open and to communicate and include more people in my life I have to remember to be grateful for all that I am adding to my life.  Sometimes, I am just grateful for someone’s creativity for the fact that they are giving me their best.  I remember reading one time that couples in a relationship often love each other yet they tend to fight because they don’t understand how the other one loves them — communication is important for every relationship.  As I learn to communicate more effectively I can see stronger bonds form between me and others because I am able to give them what they need and often in the way that they need it or at least they understand the “how” or the way in which I love them.

I watch my son as he learns how to show love in new ways and I smile.  He is a master of hugging already and is learning to kiss now which is always really cute.  Sometimes he grabs people a little abruptly and I just remind them that, that is how he is showing them love – that is all he knows – love is all he knows at this point and that is amazing.

Be in the flow of life – live in-spir(it)ed!  Love somebody today and be grateful for the way they love you.

Today I am grateful for this life that I have created, for my friends, my family, for buying myself a stroller so that I can exercise with my son, for being disciplined and practicing daily, for learning and for this great journey.


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“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future”  ―    Deepak Chopra

My thought today is to keep moving forward.  Looking for new things to create.  Finding new ideas that inspire you to move forward and learn more.

I am so grateful for my friends, my choices that help me move towards new ideas and Love – generating more hope and joy.

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There are many places we go when we are looking for wisdom, but sometimes the most important lessons are right in front of us, either in front of us right now or we have already experienced them.  Honor the wisdom that lives in each and every one of us.  Sit and consider what you have learned or meditate and just allow.

Today I am so grateful for listening to myself, being able to slow myself down enough so that I can hear myself. I am grateful for spending time with my hands covered in dirt and soil and then cleaning up afterwards!  It’s all beautiful.

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Русский: Сирень English: Lilacs

English: Lilacs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a beautiful spring day today.  I stopped to show my son how to smell the lilacs .. he enjoyed watching me sniffing the flowers.

I have been doing a lot of learning over the last couple of days.  I am still assimilating it and so I hope to post about it soon.  One of my Ahah moments had to do with a new understanding of judgement and that in itself judgement is not good nor bad …. I will have to write more about it because as I said … I am still assimilating my learning fully.

Today I am ever grateful for my friends, family, Love, learning, this life, the lilacs in spring, and a quiet evening to myself.

Try again tomorrow….

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For a while, I spent most of my time in meditation and quiet consideration, it helped me immensely.  I was able to clear myself of the unwanted old habits, the old thoughts, and the old memories and then I learned to re-create my story and understand my life from a different perspective.  Now, today, I attempt to put into practice more and more what I have learned about myself and as I continue striving to be the best me possible, learning more and more each day as I interact with people, new faces and old faces.

They say practice makes perfect, well perfection always seems further away but loving myself and others more seems closer all the time.  I am grateful for my friends that push me more and more to be more gentle with myself and them, even though at times I still struggle with this.  We each have our journey and for me there is a need to practice allowing and less judging.  I find it supremely difficult at times to allow others to go off on their own, their own way.  I once had to learn that I couldn’t buy other people their happiness and no matter how much I want to help them I can only show them by my own example.   I thought I had thoroughly learned this lesson and apparently I have yet to learn more from it.  At one time, I actually paid for one of my friends to continue with her own learning at school, she gave up even though I took the financial burden from her she still felt overwhelmed.  I realized that we have to really want something in order to pursue it, and the moment someone allows “I can’t …” into their vocabulary then they won’t.

I guess while I am practicing you are too.  If I make what I think is a mistake it should be OK as long as I learn something from it.  If I didn’t get the lesson the first time – it will come back for me to experience and learn again.

Practice, practice, practice.  Practice giving of yourself.  Practice loving. Practice being.  Hone your own self and make yourself into the best you possible so you can be an example.  Everyone else is perfect in their own way.  There used to be this song I heard…. Everyone is Beautiful in their own way….The world’s gonna find a way.

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I was recounting to my husband the other day some stats from my websites.  He is very thrilled that I am working towards my goals and starting to generate some extra funds from my websites.  After we were talking about it a little, I started thinking about how my progress is going and whether or not it’s fast enough for me and then I was also thinking about my friend J and her progress and whether or not it’s fast enough for her.  Well the short answer is – it’s never fast enough and the long answer is – progress is only as fast as we allow it to be.  I am still working on a couple of feelings that I know are blocking me from the fullness of all that I want and this is the great part of my journey.  I know that it is in learning to overcome these blocks that I will feel the greatest sense of achievement, maybe even more than  when I reach the goals I have set out for myself.

Yes, I have done it before and so yes, I can do it again. I guess my only question for myself is can I hang on to it this time?  And, I am working towards the answer to that being yes, a resounding YES!

Yesterday’s post tells you that I am thoroughly enjoying this journey.  I am spending my time with people I enjoy, doing things I really enjoy and living fully.  This is what matters.

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