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I have had a great week so far, I have spent time practicing each day and I feel awesome!  Having been a teacher I know that 5 or 10 minutes each and every day is worth more than 30 minutes once in a while.  Taking time to sit quietly in meditation after morning asana practice reminds me of my own inner light and how it connects to that light within everyone and everything.

I watched several short videos online yesterday and in one of the TD Jakes said, “wherever there is appreciation there will be duplication.”  He was saying that the more we show and say appreciative things, being grateful for what we have the more good things will happen for us.  This works in every facet of my life.  5 or 10 minutes spent today makes me crave 5 or 10 minutes tomorrow and the more I appreciate that 5 or 10 minutes and the way it makes me feel the more opportunities I will create in my life to give myself that time.  Gratitude and appreciation go hand in hand with the Law of At(tr)action because of the choice we make based on how we feel.  It’s about the feeling, feeling good – feeling happy, brings us to that space where we want more for ourselves and allows us to reach for more.  Find something that makes you feel really happy – remember that feeling and carry it with you as often as you can.  One of the videos I watched yesterday was Tony Robbins check it out here.  Enjoy!


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There is more to life than increasing its speed. — Mahatma Ghandi

I have taken some time to slow down lately – sort of.  I have so many projects that are going on that blogging has had to take a second seat.

I was thinking this morning about my past studies and whether or not I will be returning any time soon and although I would really like to return to my studies regularly – I don’t think this is the right time for me to do so.  I know that I am learning and I did choose to take the slow road for a while.  I would rather slow things down even a little more once my current list of projects are up and running on their own so that I can enjoy more fun things for a little while.

I learned while I was re-reading some of my lessons that if I slow down I can actually receive even more from whatever I am doing because I am giving more of my attention to that one thing.  So focus or concentration combined with a goal gives more depth and yields something even greater than expected.

In the midst of all that is going on, I have been able to take time for myself to do my exercises and continue practice I think this has helped me focus more and more and be at peace with myself more as each day goes on.  On the couple of days when I was not able to take my morning time and practice – things got off to a little bit of a rough start!  And that is its own lesson!

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There are many places we go when we are looking for wisdom, but sometimes the most important lessons are right in front of us, either in front of us right now or we have already experienced them.  Honor the wisdom that lives in each and every one of us.  Sit and consider what you have learned or meditate and just allow.

Today I am so grateful for listening to myself, being able to slow myself down enough so that I can hear myself. I am grateful for spending time with my hands covered in dirt and soil and then cleaning up afterwards!  It’s all beautiful.

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For a while, I spent most of my time in meditation and quiet consideration, it helped me immensely.  I was able to clear myself of the unwanted old habits, the old thoughts, and the old memories and then I learned to re-create my story and understand my life from a different perspective.  Now, today, I attempt to put into practice more and more what I have learned about myself and as I continue striving to be the best me possible, learning more and more each day as I interact with people, new faces and old faces.

They say practice makes perfect, well perfection always seems further away but loving myself and others more seems closer all the time.  I am grateful for my friends that push me more and more to be more gentle with myself and them, even though at times I still struggle with this.  We each have our journey and for me there is a need to practice allowing and less judging.  I find it supremely difficult at times to allow others to go off on their own, their own way.  I once had to learn that I couldn’t buy other people their happiness and no matter how much I want to help them I can only show them by my own example.   I thought I had thoroughly learned this lesson and apparently I have yet to learn more from it.  At one time, I actually paid for one of my friends to continue with her own learning at school, she gave up even though I took the financial burden from her she still felt overwhelmed.  I realized that we have to really want something in order to pursue it, and the moment someone allows “I can’t …” into their vocabulary then they won’t.

I guess while I am practicing you are too.  If I make what I think is a mistake it should be OK as long as I learn something from it.  If I didn’t get the lesson the first time – it will come back for me to experience and learn again.

Practice, practice, practice.  Practice giving of yourself.  Practice loving. Practice being.  Hone your own self and make yourself into the best you possible so you can be an example.  Everyone else is perfect in their own way.  There used to be this song I heard…. Everyone is Beautiful in their own way….The world’s gonna find a way.

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Tough weekend for me…. My son became sick on Friday, I was lucky to be able to get him in to the Doctor and find out his cold was just a cold but she gave me a prescription anyway, just making sure the cold didn’t spread to his ears (we won’t debate right now prescriptions because I have lots of thoughts about that too).  Suffice it to say, sometimes I have to sit back, like others in a similar situation, and take a few moments to seriously prioritize what needs to be done.   I find that taking a few deep breaths, closing my eyes, and going within like I do in meditation helps me change myself enough to allow myself to flow with whatever is happening at the time.

I wasn’t able to physically sit and write on my blog on Friday or Saturday and sometimes that is just how it goes.  But, this blog is only one of the paths that I am using to help me see for myself how I am progressing.  I am using several other methods as well.  By reviewing my goals several times a day through the use of the cards I set my mind to work constantly on finding more ways to connect myself with moving forward towards my goals and by doing this, and consciously doing it — I feel like the work progressing even when I have to take extra time and energy to take care of the other priorities in my life.  Thing is all these priorities are intertwined anyway.  Taking care of my family life, helps me learn more about myself as I dig deeper inside finding the flow of love, finding the flow of compassion, finding the streams of my strengths, those qualities that make me a magnificent creator.  Those qualities that also remind me of my wholeness — who says I need healing — I just need to allow myself to be my greatest self to be the whole me that I am.

Yes, I have several updates on the progress of my goals.  I will work on writing those things so that I can post … for now, I am going to take another deep breath and keep pressing on as I learn more and more.

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”    ―      Wayne W. Dyer

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I know I need to heal mySelf – I know I need to love mySelf – I know I need to know mySelf. Does silence help? Does stillness work? I think silence allows me to begin to fully see and understand myself and that which I seek. Being silent, being still allows me to explore the depths of my Self for the answers that are ego-less and the answers that are for the good of all. Being silent, being still, affords me the time to allow my questions to reach my innermost levels and to search for answers and reasoning that have depth and greater clarity. That “Silence is golden” is well understood and known to allow people to effectively communicate and appreciate. But more to the point, silence allows healing and develops trust. Silence allows trust in one’s Self and in others we develop friendship with. Silence allows us to share our greatest depths with others. We become less of the physical and more our Real Self when we practice being still. Acknowledging the stillness and our Self in it provides us with such a vast awareness of all that we as a Soul really are. Being still is to fully embrace our Soul, this Universe and our understanding of Light. This is the blossoming of the Lotus and the doorway to freedom.

Can I just stay silent? Can I just be still? Oh, let me just give and receive in the everlasting silence – let me feed from the eternal Light. The Universe knows no bound and this stillness allows me its depths. Let me stay in this space. Let me commune within. There is such peace. There is such space. There is so much to know, so much to learn so much to understand. The silence – the stillness divines. I feel my soul surge – it beats with the pulse of the Universe. When I meet the silence my mind fills with the Light that radiates in all that there is. I want to drink from the depths of the Universe to fill my Soul, my Being with its birth. The silence expands me, it burns yearning into my heart. Let me stay in the silence, let me feed from its source.

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