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First this contains a kind of advertisement .. so stop reading this article right here if you want!

As you know I have several goals this year – one is to make 6 figures something I have yet to do in this lifetime.   And you know that I am a very spiritual person always striving to learn something and to just be better on the whole.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share and to tell you about Andrrea Hess.   I have been involved with several of her programs over the past four years and she is amazing.  Her vibration is uplifting.  I once listened to one of her free webinars on healers allowing themselves to also receive and that same day I had several new clients booking sessions with me.  What do I think made the difference?  Maybe it has something to do with the confidence level that changes inside me when I am around successful people – people who tell you that you can do it.  Maybe, that is part of the difference.  Now she is having an amazing sale and I thought I would let you know about it.  She also has plenty of free things, webinars, tele-seminars, and plenty of articles to read if you are not ready to splurge.   I will be signing up for one of her classes again because working with her produces results and I am now in a new venture and I think that this venture will come alive as I work with her!
Andrrea teaches highly conscious entrepreneurs how to create financial abundance and develop their intuitive resources.  Right now, she’s offering a 40% discount on a whole bunch of her existing programs … do check it out:
Andrrea also has a live event coming up in June that is ALL about how to create financial abundance through your Soul Purpose … tickets for that two-day training are also on sale right now.
But hurry – this ends on Friday, May 18th!
I hope you check it out … here’s the link again:

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I have spent a lot of time today listening to one of my friends unconsciously “bad-mouthing” another friend of hers in front of their child — it’s been a rough day.  Every time I want to say something about why is she still there and in that situation I stop myself and just say, “What I have to say I cannot say right now.”  I know that sometimes when I say things to people, in the moment, it doesn’t always come out the way I want it to.  Yet, listening to this type of thing just is soo difficult and changing the topic is not changing the situation, I have tried that also.  I know obviously, my friend is hurt deeply in some way and all I can do it seems is have some compassion for her and yet not feed the unconscious story.  This is the kind of situation that really makes me take a good look at myself – it makes me really pay attention to how I talk about others, myself and to others and myself.  I am grateful to be able to look beyond the words, feel peace in this situation, and know I can change myself.

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I read the book called Attitude is Everything quite a few years ago, it was the main catalyst for the beginnings of real, serious change in my life.  It’s amazing how often I refer to this book when I am talking to people often because I see so much of myself in what they are going through.

I spent a lot of time in my “younger” years being angry and irresponsible – I never seemed to be able to get ahead and I couldn’t understand why.  I looked at myself egoically and always blamed everyone else for whatever happened to me, in fact I can’t recall ever saying, “it was my fault.”  Now finally, I know that I create my reality, everything in it, every situation, every feeling has been cultivated by me somehow.  I was led to read this book through a network marketing program, one which I didn’t continue in but did provide me with this book that altered my understanding of my world.    My attitude of blame, which was an attempt to hide my anger, low sense of self-esteem and pretty much self hatred led me to failures in my life in everything from jobs to relationships.  I lacked self respect, trust and love and therefore was unable to give them – those came along a bit later but realizing that it was my negative attitude towards everyone and everything in life led me to begin making the changes that have allowed me to create an almost magical life now.

My attitude was a picture of what was going on in my world at the time.  I was a genius failing classes in school – working in dead end jobs from which I was fired or just got bored of and left.  I was attracting into my life people and experiences that added plenty of negative drama to my life and I just said it was their fault.  I would walk around complaining at what “they” were doing to me – how “they” were dis-respecting me – how “they” were causing trouble and issues for me and at the time I really thought I was so much better than all these people whom I had attracted into my life!  Well one of the things I realized after reading this book was how I was attracting these issues, these people into my life and the reason I was doing it was because I was thinking negatively about my situation, about my self.  I know a lot of people might read this and say — no I don’t think so negatively about my self and about my life but yet these negative people are here in my life, this drama is in my life.  I may not be the best person to explain it to you but somehow, some-way you have created this in your life.  Thoughts become things – negative or positive.

Watch your language, you are what you speak of most of the time, negative or positive.  Begin listening to yourself, the words you use and just listen for a while try not to judge too harshly but try to start making a few small changes.  Sometimes the biggest and actually I think easiest one is to just stop talking the moment you are about to blame someone else for something.  I learned from an amazing friend of mine as I listened to him take the blame for something I had done – he said it was his fault – I was confused.  I realized later he took the blame because as he said he had given me the job to do – he felt he should have realized I just didn’t have the experience to know how to do the job and here all along I thought I knew what I was doing!

Change your attitude and you change your life. Stop complaining and start counting your blessings. Associate with positive people, change your attitude and you will attract them.  What you do in life isn’t important, you could be a street sweeper, it’s your attitude and how you deal with other people that determines whether or not you enjoy this life.  Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it, positive or negative.

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